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Free Your Expression 2014

‘Free Your Expression’

A 5 day painting intensive with Amanda Sage
June 9th – 13th 2014
Vienna, Austria

Monday to Friday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
– Painting Live and Collaboration –
Learning how to express your energy through line, color and form,
with the option of participating in a Live Painting event Saturday the 14th for the closing party of the first year of VAVA.


DESCRIPTION: The act of painting is an exercise that has consequences and, as much as we may learn to control it, it can also lead us down paths to opening doorways of uncharted territories – if we dare to let go and let the brush guide us. Here, we are then confronted with interpretation & decision-making, privy to nothing but our impulse & feeling.

How free are we? As we recognize familiar strokes, forms & color, it is a magical journey as we stretch the limits of our expression.

Collaboration with other artists gives us opportunity to open up our known patterns and embrace other perspectives. When we also find ourselves painting in places of live music with an audience, or in a public space, one is invited to expand the level of influence within the evolving creation and use the mass amounts of creative energy being projected.

All aspects of the visual language dance together impulsively, supporting quick decision-making and using the skill & knowledge of the visual language as a tool to create visual magic quickly & efficiently.

We will continue to grow if we stay open, and our library will grow, as will our unique expression become ever easier to depict with each stroke made.

In this time we will explore multiple assignments and various experiments with the intention of expanding our sensitivity and library within the act of painting and drawing.

Email us for details on Workshop & Materials list: