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Mixtek & Mystics – Colorado 2018


Painting With Light : Truth of the Matter : Super Natural Art

with Amanda Sage & Joe Bob Merritt

May 6-12th, 2018

South Main Gunnison
Gunnison, Colorado

Class size: 14

A 7 Day Workshop devoted to the study of Self in Form and The Nature of Art.

Based on Amanda Sage’s transformational workshop Painting with Light, Mixtec & Mystics is going to push the frontier even further as Joe Bob weaves threads of deep insight through various practices of observation.
This workshop celebrates a new wave of activation within their facilities of South Main Gunnison, a station on the Peace Train.

One Way is: No One Way to Know One’s Way.
Another Way is: Know One Way to Know One’s Way.

As the first full weeklong workshop in the Blue Thunder Artifactory, at South Main Gunnison, we will paint till we drop. We will also spend time in guided mediations and movement practice in the Sanctuary Somatics studio, which is also a part of South Main Gunnison.

This workshop is a perfect introduction or expansion into exploring the vast possibilities and uses of the Mischtechnik.
Directly translated from German to English, Mischtechnik means: ‘mixed technique’.

Paintings by Hieronymos Bosch and the Van Eyck brothers in the early renaissance refer to using a similar concept as the Mischtechnik, which was revived by the Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs in the 1950’s.

Following a method of developing a painting derived from the Mischtechnik, as learned from Michael Fuchs, Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Brigid Marlin and Ernst Fuchs. Amanda will guide participants from the white canvas into a journey of discovery. Beginning with acrylic, then exploring casein and oil, a full introduction to Amanda’s process will be explored.

There are many contemporary variations of the Mischtechnik, and the wisdom and genius behind the layers has much to reveal.

During the intensive we will explore various uses and examples of materials through presentations, hands on experience and coaching.
Participants are welcome to work in just acrylic or both acrylic, casein and oil.

With Amanda’s experience of teaching painting for over a decade around the world, this workshop will be a milestone, held in our own studios in the remote mountains of Colorado. Joe Bob’s 10 year project of renovating the old saw mill of this western town is now a cultural cultivator facilitating change within this water shed and beyond.

Not only will we find ourselves within the space & place built to facilitate change in perspective, Joe Bob will share teaching ideas and insights gathered through his studies of the Fourth Way, Zen Buddhism and the Dictionary.

There are no mistakes in this approach to creating. We find ourselves in service, rather than seeking the image. Breaking down old walls blocking the flow of creativity, these workshops offer a wide range of skills in grounding while soaring through visionary realms. Rooted in classical approaches to mindfulness and technical skills in rendering, keys to the spaceship are distributed as we join the Peace Train!

All levels of experience are welcome to join, and we find that the spectrum of varying levels of expertise brings great flavor to the group.


Price of Workshop:

$960 incl. meals & materials (excl. brushes, housing & travel)

Returning PWL students : $860

There are multiple options for housing in the area depending on your comfort needs, starting at $25 a day.

If you are traveling from out of town you will want to arrive no later than Saturday May 5th and leave no earlier than Sunday May 13th.

Catering provided by Rachel Alter, a local food advocate and visionary chef.

Admin & Studio assistance by Katie Rose Rainbowmaker.

To apply please fill out this APPLICATION

If you cannot fill out form – send an email to: with subject line: Mixtec & Mystics.

Introduce yourself as well as stating your intentions with taking this workshop. Also include some images of your work and links to social media accounts: FB & Instagram

You will receive an email of acceptance within 1-2 days along with further information around travel, lodging and schedule as well as a link to pay your tuition or option for deposit to secure your spot in the workshop.

Cancelation policy: Refundable up to 4weeks before Workshop begin.



Saturday May 5th – Travel Day

Day 1. Sunday – Intention / Drawing / Composition

8am – Breakfast
9 – 12pm – Morning Session – Workshop introduction circle – Altaring the World with Joe Bob
12pm – Lunch
1:30 – 5:30pm – Afternoon Session – observing nature
6pm – Dinner
8 – 9pm – Slide show by Amanda : History of Mischtechnik and Visionary Art.

Day 2. Monday – Imprematura / Decalcomania / 1st Underpainting

8am – Breakfast
9 – 12pm – Morning Session
12pm – Lunch
1:30 – 5:30pm – Afternoon Session
6pm – Dinner
7 – 10pm – open studio

Day 3. Tuesday – 1st Glaze / Color download

Day 4. Wednesday – 2nd Underpainting / Local Glazing / Refining the Vision

 Day 5. Thursday – Direct Painting in Oil / Business of Art

Day 6. Friday – Transparencies

Day 7. Saturday – Finishing a Painting / Closing circle

Sunday May 13th – Travel Day