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Painting with Light – ALL LEVELS – CoSM 2016

Painting with Light – CoSM 2016 Spring

28th April – 1st of May, 2016
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), NY


Join us for a weekend painting intensive with artist Amanda Sage at CoSM, Alex & Allyson Greys art sanctuary just one hour north of New York City.

This workshop will focus on the basics of drawing and painting through a simplified step-by-step process.
All the while distilling the essence of connection between imagination and manifestation through the opening of the eye and heart.
It is dedicated to those of you who know you have the art in you, but just haven’t given it a chance yet;
or for those of you who haven’t touched a brush in years.
The advanced artist will also find this workshop refreshing as we journey back to the roots, allowing fundamentals to inform a new approach.

Based on early renaissance concepts of developing a painting, you will find yourself surrendering to the art spirit as the struggle of balance, within control and freedom, moves between you and your canvas. The goal is to open and allow, within a gentle structure offered through my guidance, stemming from 20 years of commitment to the artist path.

The workshop opens on Thursday with afternoon arrivals and setting up the studio. After dinner we will enjoy a slide show presentation offering inspiration and reference to the lineage of global Visionary artists and their methods, as we enter into the allegory of process.

A balance between demonstrations, one on one instruction and studio time will integrate the process on Friday and Saturday, with invitations to paint as long as you wish… diving into the creative spirit, with the support of a focused group environment.
Sunday will find us crawling back out of the depths into a new light as we review our work in sacred circle and prepare to return to our lives.
A full cycle process of discovery, over the course of 4 days, will reverberate awakenings for years to come.
Offering nothing more then a valuable dip under the surface, a taste of the nectar, which can translate into an eternity as time freezes for a few precious moments.

A weekend warrior download of visionary tools, this experience aims to be an invocation of the power and knowledge of the universe to channel through your spirit and your hands. Art can be a meditation, with the dedication of time, effort and focus within a safe environment.

As your guide, my commitment is to give you my support and knowledge while exploring the creative realms. What may arise is unknown and as every individual and expression is unique, leave expectation aside, as you enter these gates. Mastering a craft takes thousands of hours and many years, but a glimpse into that state is possible with the right environment, dedication and practice.

Transformation is inevitable if you are open to the path. And at the very least you will leave with a greater appreciation for light… within and without.

To register and receive more information follow this link:
On request we will send a more detailed Workshop outline, including materials provided as well as required.