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Painting with Light Master Class – CoSM 2017


Join us for a seven day painting intensive with artist Amanda Sage at CoSM, Alex & Allyson Greys art sanctuary just one hour north of New York City.

To enter into a state of mastery takes one courageous step after the next… we arrive sometimes in a state of bliss then loose it again, as delicate and mysterious as a thought. I like to quote my artist friend Christopher Ulrich in that the first step is to “show up to class”, and this as a metaphor for life… we have to meet our dreams with action, otherwise they stay dreams. When we pick up the brush and make a mark we take a stand and become vulnerable and this takes courage.

This workshop is a sacred and safe space to become vulnerable and step beyond our fears and into the boundlessness of creativity. There is never a wrong turn as we become divine creators discovering new landscapes and portals.

We will follow a system that is based on the ‘Mischtechnik’, translated simply to ‘Mixed Technique’, originates with the Van Eyck brothers in the early renaissance and was revived by the Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs in the 1950’s. It was originally taught to me by Michael Fuchs and Philip Rubinov-Jacobson through workshops and independent study, which led to 10 years as a painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs himself. Fundamentals of the Mischtechnik has been adopted by many painters working with fantastic and visionary subject matter, as the transparencies and use of light in developing a painting are exquisite.

Traditionally one uses white egg tempera to build up volume on a dark ground, then glazing in thin layers of oil. There are many contemporary variations of the Mischtechnik, and the wisdom and genius behind the layers has much to reveal. During the intensive we will explore various uses and examples of materials through presentations and hands on experience, as well as creating a painting using basic concepts of the Mischtechnik. A variety of approaches will be visited as grasping the diversity of application is sometimes the most baffling. Exploring the possibilities through basic framework allows us to help define our own path, as each of us is unique in our expression.
Participants will be welcomed to work in oil or acrylic or both.

During the past 8 years of teaching I have done my best to straddle the vast landscape of beginners and advanced artists in my workshops. I find the alchemy of individuals in all levels of their experience to be incredibly enhancing to everyone. For what happens in these intensive environments transcends all degrees of separation as we adventure through the non-linear experience of arting…

We will take at least one painting from start to finish through the guidance of demonstrations, presentations, one on one instruction and open studio time. You will also be invited to bring a couple current pieces that you are working on and are looking for guidance with. Often the setting of the group offers a wide spectrum of experts and support, as we all end up learning from each other.

This being said, YOU are invited to participate, no matter your ‘experience’ level in paint. Although you shall be dutifully warned that we are going to go deeper then your threshold may register. I only state this in necessity, as I do not want to promise integration of all of the information. Through experience, the process of understanding the subtleties of the Mischtechnik, let alone control of pigment and brush, are forthcoming… sometimes taking years.

Through attaining a blissful timeless state of connection with source, one becomes a transmitter, a conduit for creative expression. And once a taste of this has been had we crave to return to that state. Through exploring other perspectives, placing ourselves in new environments and being open to experience, we find our lives enhanced as painting with fresh light illuminates the path.

To participate in this workshop, we are asking that you first submit a short email stating your intention and brief background in art as well as some images of your work. You will then receive a more detailed description of the Workshop program and materials list.

Please send to: