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Painting with Light – CoSM 2014

Painting with Light at CoSM

September 14th – 19th, 2014
at Alex Grey & Allyson Grey’s Art Sanctuary,
CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Wappinger Falls, New York

Last year I taught a 3 day speed course on a revised ‘quick’ version of the Mischtechnik at CoSM in NY. It was an experiment to see if we could pull it off, and we had an incredible time! So this year we are doing it again and adding an extra full day to the mix. We are only taking 10 participants due to space restrictions. This also gives each individual more one on one attention and focus.

$550 first 5 / then $650
limited to 10 participants

To Register go here: 


Workshop details:

Each Participant will have the choice to either:

Bring a drawing that is the same size as their panel or canvas. Preferably a pencil drawing on white paper, with the values (light & shadow) predetermined. (not just a line-drawing please!) If photo reference has been used in the composition, it will be helpful to bring references.

Make sure to not get too complicated, as we only have 4 full days!

Or, create your drawing here using the classical approach of observing, drawing in values of light and dark, then transferring onto your canvas (see schedule below on day 2)… or improvise and discover forms and shapes spontaneously using Decalcomania and or your own inspirations:)

The options are endless, so go with what you feel cofortable with or go out on a limb and try something totally new! I advise people to use this opportunity to develop their observing skills and do a self portrait from the mirror (mirrors provided) or using photo reference, or a still life. Or a mixture of it all! Just remember we don’t have lots of time to work on complex compositions, so do yourself a favor and keep it simple!

If you have a lot of experience painting, this is an opportunity to expand your library through building a painting with light and playing with the layering of thin layers of paint. Different approaches only add to our bag of tricks.

Day 1 / Sunday September 14th: Arrival Day

4pm – arrive and set up studio.

6 – 7pm – CoSM dinner with group.

7:30 – 9pm – Evening presentation on history of the Mischtechnik & Visionary Art.

Day 2 / Monday September 15th:

Morning session 10am-1pm – Introduction & collaborative spin drawing

Afternoon session 2-6pm – Warming up… drawing with white & black charcoal on toned paper. Expanding the skill of observing. Still life, self portrait from a mirror or reference. Demonstration on drawing a portrait.

Evening session: 8-11pm – Open studio – finish preparing drawings for painting transfer.

Day 3 / Tuesday September 16th:

Morning session 10am-1pm – Preparing panels for painting: demonstration on Imprematura and Decalcamania.
Transferring the image onto the panel to prepare for painting. Demonstration of underpainting.

Afternoon session 2-6pm – Underpainting

Evening session: 8-11pm – Power point presentation on glazing in the Mischtechnik. Open studio

Day 4 / Wednesday September 17th:

Morning session 10am-1pm – 1st Glaze of panels/canvas’ & Continuing with 2nd round of underpainting

Afternoon session 2-6pm – Color Theory & glazing – individual focus on personal paintings

Evening session: 8-11pm – Open studio

Day 5 / Thursday Spetember 18th:

Morning session 10am-1pm – painting in oil – demonstration & focus on individual pieces.

Afternoon session 2-6pm – listening to the painting – when is it finished, what does it need?

Evening session: 8-11pm – Open studio – last night to dance with the muse… dive in and paint like there’s no tomorrow ;)

Day 6th / Friday Spetember 19th: Departure day

please have your personal items out of your room before the morning session.

Morning session 10am-1pm – Closing circle & constructive critique of work created & cleaning of studio.